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Life As ArtREADS, Inc. (a non-profit 501c3) provides arts-based teaching tools, workshops and live events designed to connect students and communities in traditional and non-traditional learning environments with the value and love of reading. All of our programs and initiatives are designed to promote reading as an enjoyable exercise that offers personal development and community transformation.

Read & Love Reading

Using Performing and Literary Arts to Promote the Benefits of Reading

Goals of the Program: 

1) Create a festive, arts-centered event to foster an association between “fun” and “reading.” Part of the desired impact, on school aged participants particularly, is to have them experience reading as an activity for personal enjoyment as opposed to something one must do for homework only. At the READ & LOVE READING event we have activities and performances that showcase the excitement of recreational reading.

(2) Use interactive arts activities to encourage intergenerational reading and story sharing. Events like the story and poetry contests also offer an opportunity for deeper community engagement.

(3) Connect readers of all ages with resources available to improve reading skills. Introduce (or in some cases re-introduce) community members to resources available for reading improvement, group connection, and literacy engagement.

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